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The first and exclusive Fractal NFT collection on Radix


The Fractals are a pure art NFT project and listed on Radland.


RadicalFractals, the first project of the Geometricianz.

10000 unique NFTs were created by using the magic of math.

In this project, we focus on fractals that are defined via equations over the field of complex numbers, like the Mandelbrot set or Julia sets. The NFTs are exclusively published on Radix, because we believe in the advanced digital ledger technology that the radix network delivers.

Fractal traits


If a fractal has siblings, the same fractal with respect to its equation and parameters exists several times rendered with different color maps. For example and are siblings.


Julia sets and Multi Julia sets may have twins. If the parameter c of a Julia set or Multi Julia set is the complex conjugate of the parameter of the other Julia set or Multi Julia set. This means:

\[c_1= \bar{c}_2, \textrm{ respectively } \operatorname{Im}(c_1)=-\operatorname{Im}(c_2).\]

There are two types of twins.

Twins with identical colormap:


Twins with different colormap:


Fractals that are masterpieces are the solution of a small puzzle that is hidden in the collection. All in all there are 20 puzzles contained in the whole collection.

Puzzle piece

Fractals that are puzzle pieces can be placed next to each other to create an image of a bigger section of the same fractal. See,


Within the whole collection there are smaller collections. Fractals belonging to the same sub collection share the same collection trait. For example there are fractals belonging to the collection trait “zoomride_03”, see


After rendering the fractal, the image was post-processed. For example, adding symmetry, rotation or special colour settings.