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The Fractals are a pure art NFT project and listed on Vikingland.


RadicalFractals, the first project of the Geometricianz.

10000 unique NFTs were created by using the magic of math.

In this project, we focus on fractals that are defined via equations over the field of complex numbers, like the Mandelbrot set or Julia sets. The NFTs are exclusively published on Radix, because we believe in the advanced digital ledger technology that the radix network delivers.

Fractal traits


If a fractal has siblings, the same fractal with respect to its equation and parameters exists several times rendered with different color maps. For example and are siblings.


Julia sets and Multi Julia sets may have twins. If the parameter c of a Julia set or Multi Julia set is the complex conjugate of the parameter of the other Julia set or Multi Julia set. This means:

\[c_1= \bar{c}_2, \textrm{ respectively } \operatorname{Im}(c_1)=-\operatorname{Im}(c_2).\]

There are two types of twins.

Twins with identical colormap:


Twins with different colormap:


Fractals that are masterpieces are the solution of a small puzzle that is hidden in the collection. All in all there are 20 puzzles contained in the whole collection.

Puzzle piece

Fractals that are puzzle pieces can be placed next to each other to create an image of a bigger section of the same fractal. See,


Within the whole collection there are smaller collections. Fractals belonging to the same sub collection share the same collection trait. For example there are fractals belonging to the collection trait “zoomride_03”, see


After rendering the fractal, the image was post-processed. For example, adding symmetry, rotation or special colour settings.

$JULIA community features

We have developed several community features for which you can use your JULIA tokens.

Please read the respective instructions carefully and completely. Please note that we will not refund JULIA tokens if the instructions are not followed.

Only unencrypted messages are supported.

You can find a table with all Fractals at
Updating the table can take up to 30 minutes.

Send some fractalLove to a Fractal

You can send a little /fractalLove to any Fractal of your choice. This corresponds to a like.

You can send exactly one /fractalLove to a Fractal. Important: You must be a FRACTAL holder to be able to send a like. It doesn’t matter which Fractal you send a like to (even those of others are possible).

The cost for this is 1 JULIA per like. You can send multiple likes in one transaction (up to 20).

Please proceed as follows:
Send 1 JULIA per NFT/like with the message “NFT numbers separated by spaces fractalLove” to the wallet “rdx1qsp80jal49st5qtk2mr5heclzj6l4d203a39kaagtg5n2x6sr0h7e7chy5f9t”.

You want to send a like to the Fractal numbers 0001 0100 1000:

Send 3 JULIA (1 JULIA per NFT)
Message: 0001 0100 1000 fractalLove

Name your Fractal

You can give your Fractal a name.

Important: You must be the current owner to customize the name.

The name is limited to 30 characters. Only the following characters are allowed “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 -_”. Other characters are ignored and a too long name is cropped.

The cost for this is 10 JULIA.

Please proceed as follows:
Send 10 JULIA with the message “NFT-Number YourName” to the wallet “rdx1qspsa3yle7d8dx6hp4p5cde05dl9vw6jpcqylge4kundzu4hdkav9sg33tcft”.

You want to name your Fractal with the number 5566:

Send 10 JULIA
Message: 5566 YourCustomName



Reservation and Tokenomics


We decided to use random allocation. In our opinion, this is the fairest way.

Minting the NFT (Babylon)

Much about the time after the release of Babylon is currently still unclear.

According to our service provider, there will be a minting service that creates the NFT with smart contracts.

Therefore, we will wait until Babylon and check which way and which marketplace will best cover our requirements.

Minting fee

Minting fee is not included in the price of the reservation. We assume that the fee will be low with Babylon.

Licence (non-commercial rights)

We grant full non-commercial rights. This means you can use the images for personal use (PFP, background image, personal blog, tattoo etc.) as long as it is not for commercial use.

How to get xrd

If you are new to Radix you can use the following links to get started.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Telegram. We’ll be happy to help.

Token information


The Fractal Token is sent to the orderer when an NFT is reserved and can then be exchanged for the correct NFT after Babylon.

$JULIA Token

The Julia token is the RadicalFractals utility token and is used for the community features.

Behind the scenes

How are the fractals created

One thing is for sure: The creation of 10’000 visually appealing and different fractals at the push of a button and without any work is not possible.

We have developed our own tools to create enchanting fractals. For example, we created zoom drives in a certain section of a fractal, creating 100,000 images that change ever so slightly with respect to the zoom.

This is exciting to look at, but unfortunately still far from the goal of creating 10’000 visually appealing fractals.

There are more self-built fractal generators, which can be used to modify pretty fractals in various ways, change parameters or adjust the color schemes.

You will surely forgive us for not being able to give all the details at this point. A little magic must still be preserved. As we all know, a magician doesn’t reveal all his tricks. That would be boring.

With this in mind, we hope that you will have just as much fun clicking through the fractals and we hope that you like the result.

How to contact us

We invite you to contact us on Telegram. The link to our group is