Important / Disclaimer

All transfers MUST be processed through our transfer wallet. Never send a Fractal directly to another wallet. Always use our transfer wallet.

Our database is the only instance that knows which NFT belongs to which wallet.

If someone tries to be smarter (however) and tries to circumvent the system and in the end something goes wrong we will support only against a fee.

If you follow the instructions, everything is fine.

For the trading instructions please check

Transfer a Fractal from wallet a to wallet b

Please take the time to read the instructions completely and follow the instructions exactly!

Transfer fee: 10 xrd per Fractal.

It can take up to 15 minutes for the new owner to be linked to the NFT.

Use the message generator at the end of the website.

!!! FRACTAL or xrd may NEVER be sent directly to each other, but our transfer wallet MUST always be used !!!

We assume no warranty if the instructions are not followed or the FRACTAL / xrd are sent to the wrong wallet!

Tips and Tricks

Never encrypt your transaction message.

Don’t put a ‘#’ symbol in front of any number.

Always enter all NFT numbers with 4 digits: 0001 0010 0100 1000

Double check that your message looks likes the format in the examples.

!!! FRACTAL or xrd may NEVER be sent directly to each other, but our transfer wallet MUST always be used !!!

Transfer a Fractal

Send 1 Fractal (or more) with the message (ATTENTION without “” and with the respective details) to the transfer wallet

transfer “NFT-Number” to “new wallet”


transfer 1234 to rdx123abc

When this transaction has been sent

Send a second transaction with 10 xrd (or a multiple of 10, depending on the amount of Fractal you wanna transfer: 1 Fractal = 10 xrd, 2 Fractal = 20 xrd etc.) with the exact same message to the transfer wallet

transfer 1234 to rdx123abc


Transfer Wallet


Message generator

Follow these instructions to create the perfect transfer message:

(1) Type below in the NFT number(s) you want to transfer
(add a space between multiple numbers):

(3) The wallet address who will recieve the NFT(s):

Transfer Wallet